How to Keep Learning Online While Working and Reach Advanced Studies for My Future?

It’s a thing of concern to many as to whether it is possible to work while learning. The answer is; yes, it is. The best plan for success in working and learning online is knowing how to plan and organize your time. You don’t have to choose between your job and the opportunity to continue developing your skills through learning.

A number of constraints make it impossible for people to full time without working. Whether being totally financially handicapped, trying to avoid racking up debts or for self-improvement, the reason you choose to work and study does not matter.

LinkedIn Learning is a great avenue for busy professionals to learn online at your own pace. This also helps in the discovery of in-demand skills, and improve your professional network. From free to paid courses (for a reasonable price), LinkedIn Learning is more focused in its direction, as it deals with handpicked courses on getting a professional edge in the business world. The courses are split into three based on a particular subject, software and learning paths. The outlook of this is really great as it offers great alternatives to classroom learning and allows everyone to get a professional education .

professional education

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Because the world is forever changing and staying stagnant professionally is not an option, it is important to widen your tethers in order to stay relevant and on top things. It goes without staying that adequate time management is the most important tool for success anywhere. It is the most important factor in trying work smart and not just hard. Time management also helps you to prioritize and make yourself accountable. A factor in time management would be to inform your boss about the course you are taking or intending to take. This helps the boss to understand your level of commitment and see if they can cut you some slacks to accommodate your newer obligations. This doesn’t mean you are to be excused from a greater part of your duty; it just helps form a mutual understanding in that your duties are carried out.

Finding the work-study-life balance is a struggle and can be challenging, but not without benefits. These benefits include keeping your full salary, applying tour learning to your job, and completing your degree at a lesser timeframe when compared to a part-time course.

It is important to commit to learning when trying to learn from your own comfort. Discipline is key. Also, develop your own circle; making use of the social groups available for the course(s) you are taking is important for success. Make use of all the facilities available at your disposal at work, delegate if need be. It is also important to use your free time wisely. Do not forget to rest, take breaks, and reward yourself for each goal ticked.

Investing in yourself further positions you for success personally and professionally, and makes you an asset to your company. If you are thinking of taking that course, do it. You never can go wrong with advanced studies, if you do it right.

Online Studies for a Profitable Career

Time was when you went to college, got a degree, and then found a job. Only, things are very different in today’s world, and it is now possible to furnish yourself with a very creditable and profitable education online.

From online courses to full online degrees, the world is your oyster.

But you still have the decision to make – what should I study for a profitable career.

Let’s take a look.

profitable e-learning courses

The Figures

According to the American Bureau of Labour Statistics, medical and healthcare professions take up 3 of the top 5 places in the fastest growing industries are healthcare and medical related industries.

Other top slots are taken up by the forestry sector, mining operations, warehousing and a variety of school and teaching related positions.

Problem is, all of these have a very physical requirement and we going to have to look deeper to find industries that we can tap into that are wholly defined in an online context.

What we want are the kinds of industries you can read at Coursera courses experiences, the kinds of professions that lend themselves to online learning.

So which industries in the list offer the most profitable e-learning courses opportunities?

Well high up in the list are information services and software publishing, both areas where growth is high and demand is going to increase in future years.

Business and Finance

According to Stephen DeRose at Successful Student, the best online degree in Business Administration, for the sheer versatility that the degree offers both in learning style and opportunities after qualification.

It certainly does seem that business and finance are excellent opportunities for those looking to create a profitable career path online.

Combining Online Learning

Another option is to look at careers where online learning is a greater proportion of the learning experience.

Many of the hospitality sectors offer online courses and these can be an ideal way to distance learn, with a view to landing a position working at a physical location rather than from your own home or home office.

In fact, smart online learners will combine hospitality courses with management, and set themselves up for an ideal career in hotel management.

Languages and Mathematics

Another obvious winner when looking for online courses would be languages and pure sciences, like mathematics.

These suit themselves perfectly for online learners, and once again, there are many opportunities and the possibilities are endless,

Languages in particular are attractive because of the advantage offered for distance career options as well.

Qualified language teachers can work very effectively at home and if you choose your language or languages smartly you will have a large audience waiting for you online.

In the UK, the British government has a list of online courses that includes languages, mathematics and a range of digital and IT services as well.


There are many industries around the world that are growing rapidly, and lend themselves perfectly to today’s move to online learning,

Careful consideration of your learning style and needs could put you in a very employable position.