Alternative ways to entertain and educate yourself as a student

As a student, life can be boring if you stick only to your academics. Although you must be serious about schoolwork, you do not have to limit yourself to the four walls of your institution. The more you know, the greater the edge you have over others when it is time to go into the marketplace. Besides, you deserve to enjoy life fully, so why not go ahead? Here are alternative ways for you to educate and entertain yourself as a student

Take online courses outside the classroom

Never limit your knowledge to only what your teachers teach you in the classroom. In most cases, you only get the basics of a particular discipline in your textbooks and lecture notes. The bulk of what you need to know lies out there. While in school, register on professional platforms such as Coursera, Edx, etc. There are both free and paid courses; you will find the one which suits your interests. During your online study, you should learn about and get certificated in both technical and non-technical skills, as employers require that their hires know about this stuff. Also, remember to prepare a great resume and update it regularly anytime you hit a milestone in learning, personal development, etc. You can read about Udemy to see how other people are taking online courses so that you can get ideas and information about learning online before you start.

Go for internships

While you are learning the theory of your discipline in school, do not forget to get your hands dirty too. Go in search of experiences where you can put into practice what you have been taught in school. Due to some weaknesses in the educational system, more emphasis is placed on the theoretical aspect than the practical aspect. If you rely only on this, you will not grow in your career. Use the time school is on a break to apply to companies as a volunteer. Ensure that these companies provide you with the needed environment to grow, network and enjoy. If you cannot get a physical internship, you can apply to a virtual one instead. Internships give you a headstart in your career; in some way, you already have work experience even before you leave school. Besides that, you can connect with others in your industry and these relationships can open up great jobs, sponsorships, etc for you.

Join social and political clubs in school

While in school, fully maximize the opportunities and facilities available for you. Asides what you will learn in the classrooms, there are important things that you can learn in social circles too. Join a fellowship or a movement your school authorizes. There are countless youth organizations you can join as well. You can be part of the reading club, literary and debate society, etc. If you are politically-inclined, you can be a part of the student union executives or hold a post in your department, hall of residence, etc. These activities refine you into a person with more socially acceptable skills, helps you to increase your social capital, improve your communication skills, makes you comfortable with public scrutiny and teaches you how to hold your ground against others in all civility. Also, you get to unwind and enjoy yourself in parties organized by these clubs. You will find that all the experiences and skills you gained plus the network you build will come handy later in life.

Find a sporting activity to engage in

Most students do not have time to inspect their physical health. They consider themselves so busy that they have no time to keep physically fit, have fun and relax. Since you have decided to enjoy your time in school, you must stay healthy. Playing sports will help you too. For instance, you can decide to learn swimming or basketball. Besides keeping fit, it is a great way to get off toxicity, stress and lack of vigour from your life. You do not have to devote several hours to any sp[ort activity, especially if you are not majoring in it. Remember that you are doing it for the sake of fitness, not because you want to win an Olympic medal. If you cannot do sports, try working out regularly then.

Follow your passion on a small scale

We live in a world where the tech tools at our disposal have made it easier for people to start fulfilling their dreams right from their bedroom. For instance, the internet has made it possible for your voice to reach lots of people without being an on-air-personality. If it is your dream to become an actor, you can start by making short skits and uploading them on YouTube. If you are passionate about businesses, you can start a small business which will not interfere with your studies. If you want to become a literature giant, you can start by opening a blog and penning what comes to you. The opportunities are endless, it is left to you to maximize as much as you can.