Animation School Getting Into The Industry

The advent of advanced computer technology has created a new employment field, computer animation. In order to prepare future producers in this field, animation school has become available to interested parties. Coursework to obtain training in this field can either be obtained in class or through the internet.

There are positives and negatives associated with each option. In determining what works best for you, discuss the pros and cons with individuals that have obtained their education in one of each of the formats. After obtaining the information regarding each format, discuss with friends and family what you have learned. This will help you determine the direction you want to pursue to obtain your education.

Tracks for education include; 2D, 3D, or computer game design. These courses will teach you the techniques associated with having a successful career in this field. It is important, when deciding which track you want to focus on, to evaluate your long term goals. The prevalence of employment associated with any of these degrees allows you to decide if you want to work in gaming or in the film industry.

Each course track will begin by teaching you the basics. You will learn drawing techniques, creative thinking and art history. The foundation courses will then allow you to advance your knowledge when concentrating on your chosen track.

Education in 2D will teach you; character design, story boarding and 2D art techniques. Some schools are specifically designed to only teach this technique while others offer the availability of both 3D and computer game design. The availability of the other course options, allows you to elect additional course work. The addition of course work in other field segments will broaden your knowledge base. An increase in knowledge base allows for a well rounded education, and an increased likelihood of employment.

Training in 3D will provide you with skills to be able to; edit in 3D, learn the basic techniques for 3D and 3D Principles and Techniques. Similar to schools offering 2D only, there are schools that only offer coursework in 3D. If you want to broaden your skill set, you can choose to obtain your training from a school that offers coursework in all three aspects of computer animation.

Having an interest in the gaming world will provide you with a career path in the gaming industry. An education is computer game design will allow you to create, Two-dimensional visual elements in traditional media, story boards, and complex computer game designs. A degree track in this field will teach you both 2D techniques and 3D techniques. Giving you a well rounded education.

Computer animation is a growing field. This gives you the option to choose the animation school that you would like to attend. Determining the method in which you would like to receive the education, that is either online or in class, is the best place to start. When determining the method in which to obtain your training, review your needs and time commitment associated with receiving your degree.